Corporate Zombie Rules


1. Every CZ Survivor must thoroughly understand the system (company, structure, hierarchy) in which he or she is inserted;
2. Under no circumstances the CZ Survivor openly be against this system but must exploit the failures of it;
3. Every action performed by an infected CZ Survivor should be as rational and as calculating as possible in order to prolong its existence;
4. Emotions should always be used in the background, unless this attitude extends the life of a CZ;
5. Once infected, take advantage of the flaws, weaknesses and faults of your colleagues;
6. Remember that to stay alive, ethical principles might disappear sometimes;
7. Do not be trapped by the mercy for others or hostage to your human side;
8. Find the flaws and inefficiencies of the system. Once found, explore them to the fullest;
9. Never underestimate the power of money. It is the supreme fuel of all earthly things in the system to which we belong;
10. Try to survive with the infection as long as possible. If the end is certain and inevitable, take as many people as you can, especially the ones that caused you such a infection!
11. Always have a B Plan.

Bonus rules:

a. Always keep your word and materialize your commitments;
b. Goals should be performed, not exceeded;
c. Do not trust anyone;
d. The survivor will always be greater threat than the infected;
e. Always double check your deliveries;
f. Never take decisions in the heat of moment.