Autores: Victor Sardinha e André Ferreira. Ilustrações: Celso Ludgero. Editora Giostri, 2014
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Height: 23 cm. - Width: 15 cm. - Depth: 1 cm. - Paperback: 191 pages
Edition : 1 / 2014 - Language: Português

The book - CORPORATE ZOMBIES – MANUAL DE SOBREVIVÊNCIA CORPORATIVA (Corporate Zombies - Corporate Survival Guide) is the first book in a trilogy that deals with the deterioration of human beings phenomena, or “zombiefication”, a process that occurs in many areas of human relationships at the corporate, social, and relational levels.
In this work, it has been observed the daily routine in Corporation and recurring behaviors in the workplace, culminating in what the authors named “zombiefication”. This concept is equivalente to a corporate disease, which causes the degradation of one’s career and could lead to the infected employee dismissal after some time. The book addresses the environments in which such disease may arise, as well as its detection, strategies, prevention, and finally its extinction.

Victor Sardinha Bachelor in Computer Science and has na MBA in Project Management and PMP certified, worked in large Information Technology companie as a System Analyst, Quality Coordinator, Corporate Projects Manager (Corporate PMO) and currently works as an Executive Manager of Large Scale projects, Process Office, e-Document Management, Stock Market Investor and debut his career as a writer. His Hobbies are spend time with family, musician (drummer), electronic games, statistics, actions figures collection and risk management study.

Andre Ferreira Lawyer, Teacher, Professional Translator, and Writer, is graduated in English, specialist in Instrumental English, Contract and Corporate Law. Worked in large companies and in public administration since 2000, whose scenarios were an inexhaustible supply of research for the production of the first book in the trilogy. Ferreira is a music enthusiast and has interest in experimental cuisine, oriental languages ​​and its characters, video games, and literature in general. Literary. Ferreira sports a Literary collection of more than 4000 titles.

Illustrator Celso Ludgero world class comic book artist, multi-task as every artist of that kind in Brazil, Ludgero draws, art finishes, colors, diagram lines, and also everything it takes to make an excellent quality comic book. Besides comics Ludgero makes caricatures, zombiefications, mascots, logos and other advertising services.

Summary - The book was developed as a career development strategy to people who are inserted in the corporate world. The work arose from the constant observation of these environments, as well as the frequency with which risky behaviors employees commit that negatively affect their careers. The concepts and tips provided in the book bring lessons of leadership, career planning, establishment of results, and especially elicit behavioral awareness in employees.

In a nutshell, the book is a portrait of everyday life in corporations of any kind. We describe the habits and behaviors that are often found in these environments and how some of these behaviors can be harmful to the employees careers. Often times, a single inappropriate conduct results in the employee dismissal, or at least the beginning of this process. We analyzed environments that bring about this “infection”, or as we call it zombiefication, and we reported 26 Corporate Zombies profiles. Besides, we discussed the impact on corporations where the existence of infected employees is proven.

Although the story use a humorous tone, the theme is strategic and critical to the consolidation of a career plan, results and leadership, as well as reducing costs for businesses and increase their revenues. We were also concerned with describing, with a heavy dose of humor and sarcasm, the negative particularities of the corporate world (eg : bargaining, politics, red tape, influence, interests, etc.), particularities that are never seen in ‘About Us' in companies websites, not also in "mission " , " values ​​" and " vision" boards, hung in the companies lobby.

The cost to bear "zombies" as comapny’s staff is significant for businesses and reveals the systemic inefficiencies , including lucrative businesses that fail to identify these failures. Therefore, the lively tone of the story was deliberate to counter the ravenous environments - highly competitive , often morose and stressful for all companies striving to get better results.

The book values​​ especially the career length of your readers. Still, it does not give up a surprise ending with a complementary vision that addresses the antithesis of all rational approached, purposefully to force a strong reflection of the actual values ​​that corporations need to win in an increasingly hostile environment in which we live in.

Finally the project aims, in addition to a good leisure time for all the readers, to develop behavioral awareness for those who are still inserted in the corporate scenario or it will shortly enter into it, better preparing employees for their corporate survival.